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Pawn, Buy, Sell, Trade in Eugene, Springfield, & Albany

We always have cash available and we loan on gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, jewelry, guns, video games, musical instruments, and much more.

What's Required ?

Dollar bills - Sell valuable jewelry in Springfield, OR
  • Quality merchandise for us to appraise with you
  • A valid Government issued photo ID
When You Visit Us For a Pawn Loan, Here's What You Can Expect:
• All new pawn loans are for 60 days, with a 30 day grace period.
If you can't afford to redeem your pawned item, you may renew your contract for another 60 days by paying the service charge.
• No qualification or approval process necessary.
Call our nearest location to learn how we can serve you!

Springfield: 541-988-0488
Eugene: 541-393-3700
Albany: 541-926-7199
Eugene Downtown: 541-654-8981